List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Why is The Country School conducting a campaign?

    Our school has experienced strong growth over the last few years.  We are currently fully enrolled and using every inch of space to accommodate learning, events, and staff.  We need more practical and flexible space to best educate our students in a modern way that includes STEAM instruction and collaborative, activity-based learning.
  • How much will everything cost?

    All three projects including the parking lot/entry, the 20,000 square foot Upper School, and significant renovations to the Lower School will cost an estimated $9 million. 
  • Does my Cougar Fund donation support the campaign?

    No. The Cougar Fund has been and will continue to be used to cover the $3,200 gap in the actual cost to educate students and our tuition. We will be encouraging all of our donors to maintain their Cougar Fund support throughout the duration of the campaign. Annual funds do not cover the cost of capital improvements. 
  • Why not increase tuition to cover the cost?

    Tuition does not pay for new buildings. At The Country School, expansion has always been the result of significant philanthropy. In order to ensure we are able to attract the brightest children in our community, it is a priority for our school to keep tuition low and designated to the cost of educating our students. 
  • Will tuition increase?

    With a successful campaign, tuition will not be increased to cover construction costs. There will be costs associated with the new educational opportunities the campaign will allow including the STEAM and Pre-K programs for example. As always, the goal is to keep tuition as low as possible.
  • When was the last campaign?

    Our last campaign was over 15 years ago. We expanded Lower School classrooms among other things, and recognized even then that we would need to address classroom size for our Upper School. Campaigns typically occur every 6 – 8 years. We decided not to launch a campaign in 2008/09 because of the challenging economic environment. Now is truly our time to make this happen.
  • Are any campaign funds being used to support athletics or a performance space?

    While we recognize there are other capital needs at the School, our fundraising assessment combined with our strategic plan helped to determine our priorities for this campaign. Additional, modern, flexible learning space is central to our ability to meet the standards we have set for a Country School education.
  • Do you plan to increase enrollment?

    No. The new space is not designed with the intention of increasing our enrollment beyond our current level. 
  • What happens if enrollment declines / will there be a time when extra space isn’t needed)?  

    We are fully enrolled and have successfully populated our school in accordance with the board's projections. Our goal to add space is not just about square footage – it’s about creating a learning environment that is true to our mission and vision for The Country School’s future. 
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